Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blog Post 5 Part B
     This blog is a continuation of Blog Post 5.  Blog Post 5 is about PLN's.  A PLN is a personal learning network.  Personal learning networks are a great way to connect anywhere and with anyone around the world over the internet through things such as social media.  I started my PLN by using Twitter. I created an account and followed professors from the University of South Alabama and even followed world wide known educators. Over this semester my PLN has grown. The more it has grown, the most I have become interested and educated. I have continued to follow educators and educational cooperations. I have become very inspired and interested by reading their tweets. Even though my time in EDM is almost over, I know I will continue to expand my PLN experiences and educational ideas.

Blog Post 16

Final Reflection Video

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Blog Post 13

What Did I Leave Out?

     For this blog post we were assigned to create an assignment for our class that we didn't cover or learn about this semester. Throughout this class, I learned a lot about project-based learning and how to be a successful teacher using technology, but I did not learn how to be a successful teacher without using technology. I believe that using technology is great and is a first choice, but not all counties and school systems can afford a lot of technology. I chose to create a blog post assignment about learning how to be a successful teacher without technology. This assignment is to watch the video Teach Teachers How to Create Magic by Christopher Emdin. Once the video is viewed, respond to the followed questions in a blog post. 
                                  1. Have you discovered how to use magic?
                                  2. How will this magic help you in your classroom one day?

My response to the above assignment:
     Christopher Emdin opens the TEDtalk by telling a story for the audience to imagine in their minds. He automatically drew me into the video with his voice and stage presence. Emdin asks the question of why we educate by using and studying old texts that are written by people who are dead. He then goes on to talk about stressing over lesson plans. He states that no matter how prepared we are they may not be right for the classroom. He inspires and shares that the magic is creating a classroom atmosphere where our lessons as educators should tell a story. The magic is creating a classroom of students that are drawn into the lesson by a simple movement that speaks a thousand words. Capturing our students by our words is what we should strive for in the classroom. We should be expressive and interactive which will draw them in. This will help me one day as an educator because I will not be so depended on using technology to drawing my student's attention. I have learned the magic of using my voice and simple movements to get their attention. While technology is a great tool to use in the classroom, it is my job to teach students. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Project 6 C4K 3
     The first comments for kids that I did for this assignment was by Ian.  Ian's blog is called English Project: Survivors. Ian wrote this blog to share about a book he read and did an English project for. The book was called Survivors and is written by Erin Hunter. Ian lists the main characters of the book with the main story line. He describes the book to have some suspense and drama. He thought that this book was great and recommends it to everyone. I commented, "Hello Ian! Thanks for sharing and recommending this book. I will have to check it out. Keep reading and look forward to hearing about more books that you read. Great post!"
     The second blog I read was by Deneed. Deneed's blog is called My Bucket Lost. Deneed shares in this blog that her goals in life are to go to high school and then go to college. She is not sure what career she wants to pursue yet, but she has time to figure that out. I commented, "Hi Deneen! I am currently in college and I am going to school to be come a teacher.  Have a bucket list and goals you want to meet in your lifetime is great! Going to high school and college so that you can get a job that you love and that will provide for you sounds awesome! I would love to learn more about what kind of job you want and what you want to do after high school. Happy blogging!"
     The third and final blog that I read for this assignment was by Rico.  Rico's blog does not have a title, but was posted on Wednesday, April 8, 2015. Rico's blog is all about a piece of art that he drew with his aunt. The art is a drawing of a wolf. He is very talented and should continue to draw because he will only get better. I was very impressed with is talent and look forward to seeing more of his work. I commented, "Hello Rico! Wow, you are a very talented artist. I was automatically drawn to your blog because my brother is a very talented drawer as well. I like your wolf and you should definitely continue drawing. I look forward to seeing more of your posts and drawings. Happy blogging!"